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Luxembourg with Best of Friends

Sure Signs of Spring


Yep, that will be it for this time – take care out there, wherever you are! 🙂

As many of you might know I am not only an Ålander but by default also a Finland-Swede and a Finnish citizen. I studied at the only Swedish-speaking university in Finland, Åbo Akademi.

A fun fact, however, is that most of my Finland-Swedish friends I have met abroad. Four of us met through work and we had a reunion in Luxembourg this weekend. Despite the horrific massacres in Paris on Friday eve and quite a turbulent year for several of us the past year, we did have a wonderful time during our 24 h get-together, as the photos below will show. We talked and talked and talked – and laughed and laughed – and cried! And then there was all this delicious food of which I have not a single photo, so you will just have to believe me. Our hosts are master chefs.

For those of you who have not yet visited Luxembourg, both the country and the city are well worth your time. I had actually requested to be placed in Luxembourg, but 19+ years ago I got to go to the ❤ of Europe instead.

And then there was the story of the host family cat, which is the lucky one. He got himself adopted little by little into this wonderful family and can now keep the best of both worlds, i.e. he has his own loving family but can still come and go as he pleases. His daily routine includes jumping up on the neighbour’s roof and onto one of their ledges to pester the neighbour’s indoor cat by marking his territory right there on the ledge an inch or two away of from the enemy… If you look closely at these pictures you might see two green eyes staring angrily at him through that said window…

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