I just love being back up North with the four seasons. I did not expect to enjoy the cold winter-weather having moved up to Stockholm as much as I do. And last week we also got the daylight back; the days ARE becoming longer AND the SUN comes out pretty much every day. The sky is anything from overcast to clear blue and the air is SO FRESH and CLEAR. And a detail one might overlook is the fact that the snow-covered ground actually brightens things up!

The last weeks it has been quite cold as well, so we have to get used to dress warmly; a déjà-vu for me but a totally new experience for the boys.  At -10 centigrade you just cannot “forget” your hat or mittens.

The physical education at school includes new sport experiences for both our 6th and 8th graders. The former even got to go ice-fishing the other week.

The upcoming week all Stockholmer students are off on winter-break – and a lot of them have gone skiing in the Swedish “alpes” bordering Norway. The boys have flown down to Brussels to spend their holidays there with good ol’ dad and their friends.

For me it will be business as usual

with some family and friends viting me and Salmiak during the weekends. This weekend one of my bro’s and my sis-in-law came for a short visit and we went sightseeing in the vicinity, i.e. we saw the beautiful surroundings of Djursholm and Vaxholm among others…