You know those thank you speeches at the Oscars? Well, that is what I feel like giving right here and now instead of a recap of all the things that have happened since I last posted.

First of all, thank you dear readers who are sticking with me and checking for new posts. I know that there are a few of you; due both to the blog statistics and personal e-mails I have been receiving this spring.

Then I would like to make it offficial, even though I have of course said it many times in person as well, a BIG THANK YOU to my dear hubby for holding the fortress at home while I have moved away and taken up duty in a different country. I know firsthand that it is quite a chore to keep up with everything both at work and at home. You are doing a great job! 🙂

Then another thank you to our children who are putting up with having mommy away for such a long time. We are fortunate to be able to keep in touch through all the different types of communication technology, but still it is not the same thing as in real life. I do manage to fly home to be with them every other weekend, but family life is far from normal right now! We will get back to it eventually. Love you.

Yet another thank you to all our friends – and colleagues – in Belgium who have been wonderful to us in so many ways. I had better also mention our amazing neighbours, although I do consider them our friends now after 16 years next door. There have been different ways of saying farewell, and I know that it will of course only be a SEE YOU SOON instead! 🙂 We have still not said properly goodbye to many of you, but do not count us out just yet. We still have a couple of months…

Then a HUGE thank you to my dear family in the USA who gave me and the boys a fantastic break from the moving frenzy in April. You were all wonderful hosts – as usual – and showed us an incredible hospitality and we got to see the best of your ‘hoods whether in NY, Alabama or Tennessee. Thank you once again for taking so good care of us. A trip to treasure forever.

And then there are so many wonderful people who have been so welcoming to me after having taken the plunge. After nearly 21 years in Brussels it is of course totally life-altering coming to Stockholm, a move of 1700 km:

First of all my dear friend M; who lets me stay in his guestroom and  makes me feel like I am at home. We have had a great few weeks together and I am sure we will be good friends even after these two months.

I am so grateful for all family and friends in Stockholm who agreed to be in my closed FB-support group to help me out with all my practical questions about the move. Thank you all for your input. And thank you for your kind dinner invitations and other fun stuff you have suggested. I will take you up on some of them soon, so far I have only “accepted” a few, but that is only because of my packed agenda.

Another big thank you and I love you go to my immediate family in Åland; my brothers and sisters-in-law have been extremely helpful with providing all sorts of support at Tallgläntan – and elsewhere – so that I have been able to go there and enjoy its proximity to Stockholm, almost every second weekend. Amazing.

Other family-members and friends in Åland also deserve a big thank you; it has been a sheer pleasure to meet the new babies who have been born since Christmas – and I am forever grateful to all of you who showed up for the outdoor spring-cleaning at Tallgläntan a few weekends back.

Last but not least I feel very welcome into my new job and want to extend my warmest gratitude to all my new colleagues. I feel like I am in the middle of making new friends. The same actually goes for the couple renting us their house. They are taking the plunge this coming week leaving for Australia and we will be trying to look after their house like our own from mid-August! 🙂

Please forgive me if I have forgot to mention some of you wonderful people out there. There is just a lot going on in my life right now, but I am definitely back blogging. And you might see some changes around here before too long! 🙂