Two notebooks are my big crutches in life right now; one bigger in green for my new job and a smaller bluetiful one for our big move to Stockholm.


This is me trying to compartmentalize* my packed life right now. Trying to sort out and keep track of what it is going on and what needs to be done in an orderly manner.

So far the green notebook is filling up more quickly – I am attending a lot of useful courses in view of my new job and there are a lot of workrelated dates to keep track of for it. Meetings, seminars and other events that I will need to attend here in Brussels and Luxembourg, and plan for when on location in Stockholm. There are also other tasks that will have to be done before even taking up the position, i.e. planning events, both hands on and administrative routines. Let me tell you my head is packed with new impressions every day.

The blue notebook is coming along nicely also: all the flights for my commute between Stockholm and Brussels during the first two months have been bought. In principle I will be going home to my family at least every two weeks.

Then there is, of course, the move to Sweden, the physical one. I have already started the paperwork for that, but I know there will be a lot of planning for this also. Different removal companies I have to meet with. Decisions to make. Dates to decide on… But right now I am more focused on trying to get started on sorting through all our things here; we will most certainly not move the things that we could rather give away or throw out…

There is a lot of school-meetings in the pipeline right now; different teachers wanting to see us for different reasons… I am also trying to see as many friends as possible, even though I need to speed things up a little in that compartment. I will be seeing all my friends in Luxembourg in the next few weeks, and need to plan some type of get-together for the ones here in Brussels as well. I still am undecided what to do for my colleagues…

The vacation for the whole year has also been planned – and I must say I am pretty excited about it all. Two trips to the US have been booked and paid for, one in April and the other in October. And a long summerbreak has been approved so we can manage both the physical move from Brussels to Stockholm as well as have a few weeks off at our very own slice of heaven on earth in the bluetiful Åland Islands.

But this is of course only the beginning. The real work start when I get to Stockholm; not only having to learn the new job during the first month but also finding the family a home in only two months – on a tight housing-market…

So yes compartmentalizing it all works wonders for me. I deal with one thing at a time, but use the notebooks to keep track of everything. And helping me with all of this is not only the notebooks but also the fact that starting Monday I will be working halftime the rest of my time in Brussels… Let the countdown begin!

* According to Merriam Webster’s definition of compartmentalize the word simply means to separate into isolated compartments or categories. I know that there is also a negative connotation to the word meaning that one blocks stuff out of one’s life in order to avoid dealing with the difficult stuff… That is not I!