After more than 20 years of living abroad it has been almost as long since I visited the Åland Islands in October… What a beautiful place our archipelago is even in the autumn – or fall like I prefer to call it… The Finns have a special word for the time of year when the leaves first turn very bright before falling to the ground, ruska. I just love the ruska times! 🙂


The seawater level was also among the lowest I have ever seen it at Tallgläntan. Yes, it can go very low in the weeks of truly beautiful summer weather a few weeks per yaer, but I cannot remember having seen it this low. The photo below is a picture for comparison: the top photo from the morning when we left – with fresh ice laying in the bay – and the bottom one more than three weeks earlier…

Then more photos from various beaches from the same fall period…

Westside Tallgläntan

Eastside Tallgläntan

North tip of Tallören