Sommaren är kort [Swedish for Summer is short] is a classical pop-song by living legend Swedish pop-singer Tomas Ledin. I found a youtube clip of it in English, but it is ALWAYS sung in Swedish, both by Tomas himself and all of us loving this summer song. Enjoy!

Taken By Surprise

So turn it on while looking at these snap-shots from our incredibly wonderful but bitter-sweet summer of 2015 in the bluetiful Åland Islands. Summer was indeed exceptionally short this year as most of it was drenched by rain and storms. But then all of a sudden when most people had returned to work and school the rest of us got to enjoy both the heat and calm of the truly beautiful Åland summer.

Please consider these pictures as what is to come when I get back to blogging more regularly back in Brussels, but I already now do want to share with you a sample of an amazing summer in many different shapes and colours:

The Domms visiting from Tennessee, USA:

The Big Five O Party:

Rockoff and the Lion King Experience

Seeing Loved Ones

The Gift of Food

Jump Wherever You Can

The Coldest Swimming-School So Far, But STILL the Most Successful One:

One sunset more beautiful than the other; Tallgläntan keeps on delivering:

🙂 As you surely can tell we have had a great summer-holiday! 🙂 If you hang in there I might go into some of the specifics of what we have been up to this summer, when I have a better Internet connection and more time to blog come fall…

So for now I will leave you to savour all the above photos! Enjoy what is left of August; I definitely will!