And yet another Midsummer Eve in Åland that we have missed. Our sons have never experienced the real midsummer celebrations – and that is one of the things I regret about having lived abroad almost 20 years now.

Naturally there is Midsummer Celebrations to be found here in the ❤ of Europe as well, since we have such a big Swedish colony here. But it is not the same thing and does not give me that happy special Midsummer Eve feeling like in my Åland days.

So, this Midsummer Eve we just wasted away in our own special way. We worked and went to school as usual. Then had a very ordinary dinner, before we did the extraordinary thing. We took our 12-year-old to a disco birthday-party with the car we have on trial for 24 h. Then the rest of us took it to the nearby city of Leuven, where we took a nice stroll through downtown and were reminded of what a beautiful old town Leuven is.