This year we really lucked out when picking the boys’ birthday-party venues. Our 10-year-old had his party today at a “park” about 5 km from our home. All in all we were 3 adults and 11 children aged 3-12! And Dear Doggie Salmiak of course.

Proviniciedomein Huizingen is not exactly what I would call a park in the normal sense but just so much more. It is a huge estate, including a castle, a petting zoo, row-boats on a lake, huge jungle-gyms, humongous trampolines, a mini-train  AND an outdoor swimming-pool. We did not have a chance to try much of what was on offer, but what we did do and see was. And our birthday-boy was very happy with his afternoon with his friends.

There is supposed to be a cafeteria on the location where you can buy drinks and snacks, but we opted for having a picnic and were extremely lucky with the weather; 10/10! 🙂

Here are some photos from our day in the park:

IMG_4241 IMG_3138 IMG_3150 IMG_3152 IMG_3157 IMG_3159 IMG_4254 IMG_4266 IMG_3164 IMG_3166 IMG_3168 IMG_3171 IMG_3179 IMG_3184 IMG_3187 IMG_3188 IMG_3189 IMG_3195 IMG_3196 IMG_3201 IMG_3206 IMG_3210 IMG_3213
In case you are wondering why our group of children were wearing yellow reflector vests, this was just an idea of mine to keep the group together. My first thought had been to get everybody a cap in the same colour, but then I stumbled upon these vests and thought we could give them a try. And also here we lucked out: Our kids were very visible, even at a far distance, which was a great thing considering that the park was PACKED with people today. I could never have imagined the queue to get into this park – and yes there is a small entrance fee to be paid, but nothing even worth mentioning. But the queue was looooooooong – there was just sooooo many people wanting to enjoy the beautiful spring-weather today. In fact it was much better than the weather-forecast, 19 C and overcast, we got some 25+ centigrades and sunshine from a clearblue sky.

We had a great day and hope you did too! 🙂