Our family here in Tennesse are taking real good care of us. They are blessed with five children – and we are lucky to have been able to spend time with four of the five so far. Yesterday sweet S drove up all the way from Birmingham, Al, to meet up with us. What an effort for a girl who is about to graduate from university in less than a month. We enjoyed spending time with S all day yesterday.

S with OJ:


Yesterday’s private chauffeur Re with Mr Darcy:

The juniors:


Key lime pie and Pecan pie:  

The seniors:

The Classic Southern belles Re & S:


S had prepared an Easter basket for Re, her little bro and our boys – you can only imagine how happy they were receiving these: Early afternoon we spent at the family residence, having lunch chatting time away, but late afternoon all of us except for the convalescent went to the Nashville zoo. We had perfect weather for going to the zoo and there were not any crowds, so we got to see and do a lot in a short period of time, but petting the kangaroos was definitely the highlight of our visit there.

We finished our little outing by visiting R in her new apartment in trendy Brentwood, TN, and we were very happy to see what a nice home she has made for herself in only a couple of months time.

Finally we had Thai dinner close by Re’s place: We just eat sooo well here.