Tomorrow will be quite a busy day here at Tallgläntan since we alternate the Christmas celebrations between the three siblings and this year it is our turn to host Christmas Eve dinner.

I am now busy making the Christmas ham for the first time from scratch, but also the usual Christmas dishes like meatballs, Jansson’s Temptation and the grynlåda [Sw. a type of oven-made pancake that goes well with the meatballs and Christmas ham]. There will also be different types of pickled herring and boiled potatoes, salads and ready-made potato, turnip and carrot casseroles – not all in one but three different dishes. Also mulled wine and a Tallgläntan surprise desert. And more – I hope nobody will have to go home feeling hungry…

Therefore I take this opportunity to wish you all the best of Christmases and an even better Happy New Year 2015 with the annual family Christmas-card: