For better for worse is something that not only goes for being there for your spouse but also for your family and friends, i.e. the people you love and care for. And this is something I try very hard to live by. I am quite a social animal, so I thrive from interaction with other people, young or old, male or female. All types of interaction contributes to the learning-experience, and you have never seen it all. There is always something to bring back with you.

Therefore I feel really happy to say that with the good ones it works like a charm – and I am glad to say that I am blessed in so many ways. Ok, a few people have disappointed me lately, but most of the people I count on have definitely been there for me without going into any detail.

Thus I can only reiterate what I have already said on many an occasion you need not save your love and friendship, no go ahead and spread it around. It will grow manyfold and come straight back at you.

So a heartfelt thank you to all friends and colleagues here at the ❤ of Europe and friends and family both in the Nordic countries and in the USA and Canada, for always being there for me. It is good to know that I can just pick up wherever I left off and carry on and know that I am loved and understood. When you go through a rough pach this is really very comforting. I look forward to sharing some good times with y’all before too long!