We had a great day in Stockholm yesterday. We had a beautiful drive straight from the ferry in Kapellskär to the island of Ekerö in lake Mälaren just outside of Stockholm.

Here passing the Royal Residence Drottningholm:


The boys were lucky to be invited to spend the day with their 2nd cousin Alex and his son Sebastian. The three boys kept poor Alex very busy all day, but they had a ball together, among other things they had been taken to Fjärilshuset in Haga to look at everything between sharks and cockroaches, and even small colourful frogs.

I on the other hand was fortunate to be able to take half a day on my own and go on a shopping-spree. My mission to get new outdoor lights for Tallgläntan was luckily accomplished, even though it did take some extra efforts – and driving to another store and waiting and waiting some more…

As usual I stocked up on Swedish children’s books and also some good quality clothing. I know that sounds weird, but I like being able to wash the boys’ clothing in 60 centigrades to really get them clean. And the continental clothing found in Brussels usually only allows washing in 30-40 C. Big difference.

Then I was spoilt even more by Alex with his family, since dinnner was ready when I came to pick up the boys. Thanks for a delicious meal, if you guys read this! 🙂

Then we headed straight to Bromma airport and picked up Dear Hubby – and headed into Stockholm to spend the night in a friend’s apartment. We slept in very late, and then had a long lazy breakfast before heading back to Kapellskär and another trip with M/S Rosella.

photo 2 (1)


We splurged a bit and went to the buffet-restaurant onboard – or smörgåsbord like it was once called. We got a window-table and enjoyed not only the delicious food but also the bluetiful views! 🙂


photo 3 (1) photo 4

Dear Hubby even posed on some photos! 🙂 It is good to be reunited after 10 days apart.



photo 2 photo 1

Just before arriving back to Tallgläntan we were greeted by this amazing rainbow.


There was actually another one on top of this, but it did not come out too great on the photos:

IMG_8712 IMG_8721

Upon our arrival to Tallgläntan we were greeted by one happy labrador who has been tagging us the entire evening: