I had a lovely conversation with one of my relatives I have not seen in many years yesterday; he is abt 10 yrs younger than I and it was great to hear him talk abt the past exactly the way I remember it too. I had a wonderful childhood and here he came and corroborated what I have known for a long time: I come from a GREAT family with a very special and strong bond! 🙂

By saying this I do not mean that we are totally unique or in any way better than any other family. God knows we too have are flaws and secrets… But I do love the fact that we have a big loving [extended] family that still after several generations are interested and happy to  keep in touch and meet up regularly. There is nobody left from the original Kalorson’s 11[/13]  siblings of whom my dad was the youngest one. So now it is up to us first cousins, 2nd cousins and even 3rd cousins to keep up this tradition! And so we did yesterday.

Together with my niece I started up a Facebook group for my dad’s side of the family and the response has been mostly positive. A place to share memories and photos and create new ones. In January we posted an open invitation to a family-get-together which took place yesterday on the rocks here in the Åland archipelago. Some 50 family-members showed up with their pic-nic baskets and we had a wonderful time together. In fact so wonderful that I forgot to take any photos on my own, so here I give you some of the ones posted by other family-members on FB yesterday.

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Can you believe that relatives I have only seen as very young came to this reunion yesterday? It was really heartwarming to hear one of my dad’s cousins speak so well of him, still 21 years after his passing away. She even called him her favourite cousin.

Like in the old days we were just one big happy family sharing whatever we had – and somehow a cousin and his wife managed to invite all of us still there late afternoon for dinner. E had made so much food that she could feed us all. Just like my mom did many a time on the farm when my dad just said please come in and sit down and have dinner with us to friends and family from all walks of life! 🙂

At the end of the day we decided we will not let another 5 years pass until the next get-together and instead planned it for the summer of 2016! 🙂 I am confident many will show up that day too and of course sure hope so too!