… try that one as a tongue-twister, won’t you!

But we had a ball together, Sussi and I, and the rest of the family also got along very well with her. And why would they not? She is just such a darling.

First of all she was VERY lucky with this February weather. It was only raining a bit the day she arrived, and then only a little rain, just on and off.

It is always so rewarding – and fun – hanging out with my adult nieces, nephew and god-children. They give me another perspective on life today. Sussi and I had interesting conversations high and low, and we also managed to get a few things done, both at home and out and about. Let me show you through some pictures from the past weekend

There was some baking…





… and cooking mussels for the first time ever in this home – what a brilliant idea Sussi! 🙂 They were delicious, traditionally served with fries of course…


… and enjoying the fruits of our efforts; Fat Tuesday Buns! 😉


image image image IMG_5172

Then there was the usual techno-talk – for me to catch up with what is up with all the social media and maybe for me to start using some of them. And yep, I managed to finally start using Instagram and podcasts. Thanks Sussi for being such a patient teacher.

This is my first shot at Instagram:


while this is Sussi’s post from the Neuhaus chocolate outlet where I bought the above chocolates on our way from the airport the day I picked her up:


We also managed to go on some day-trips.

Saturday we spent in Roubaix in France, but we ended up only shopping, since Sussi was hunting for evening-gowns and we found quite a selection to choose from. These were the ones she picked in the end:

imageimage image

Monday here in Belgium; Ghent was on the agenda, where we started off by having a very late lunch by the canal.

We were truly taken aback when this is what the meatballs W ordered from the kids’ menu looked like:


More sausage-like than anything else… but also some great apple-crumble and Belgian waffles! 🙂

image image image image

Then we also walked around a bit in beautiful sunny downtown Ghent:

image image image image image image

We also squeezed in some doggie-walks and just hung out at home as well



Thanks for the visit – see you before too long!