Sunday-morning we enjoyed a long hotel-breakfast before we headed into the Icebar with the guys. Every other night we had missed it due to the special rules applying late evening… But Sunday-mornings are dedicated to Ice-kids and since ours had that package we went along with them for the kids’ hour 10-11 am. It was a special feeling standing there in an icecold bar drinking out of ice “glasses”… A lot of fun for the whole family – to be recommended! 😉



Then we got organized and put all our stuff in the hotel bagage-room and headed back -again with the tram – to the island of Djurgården for the third day in a row.


Our last day our plans included a visit both to the Aqua museum and the Vasa museum. BUT as a special treat we “bumped into” our dear Brussels friends, the American-Swedish couple K and B with twins C & F and big bro J at the Aqua museum.


We had a great but short get-together at the first museum and then at the korvkiosk! The Swedish version of fastfood, i.e. a fully-fledged hot dog stand.


Thus our planned visit at the Vasa museum became a bit shorter than planned but that was WELL worth it – and we did manage both the guided tour and half the movie, so now we got a good taster and all of us want to go back there soon:

IMG_3912 IMG_3911 IMG_3907Then we picked up our stuff at the hotel conveniently located next to the bus-terminal and then had a quick snack there before taking the 1 h bus to Kapellskär where we had more waiting-time before M/S Rosella berthed and took us home to Åland after a wonderful three day weekend in Stockholm.



On the ferry I accompanied our eight-year-old out on the deck since he needed to verify that there were enough life-boats and other life-saving equipment in place…

IMG_3929 IMG_3923 IMG_3927 IMG_3928

And there was, so we could go back inside the ship and fully enjoy all the different play-areas again! 🙂 You’ve got to love Viking Line! ♥