Our dear friends K, Ö and L treated us to a fantastic day on an island in the Northern Åland archipelago –  their very own slice of heaven. It was a magical day and so good to catch up with them whom I have not seen for quite some time. As icing on the cake we got to spend some time with their daughter L and her 3-month-old puppy Magda!  I will let all the pictures speak for themselves – the only regret I have is that I forgot to take some photos of ALL the delicious food we ate this hot Åland summer-day!

IMG_3360 IMG_3363 IMG_3366 IMG_3367 IMG_3368


IMG_3374 IMG_3377

A K L M IMG_3386 IMG_3389 IMG_3392 IMG_3393 IMG_3394 IMG_3400 IMG_3406 IMG_3409 IMG_3417 IMG_3422 IMG_3428 IMG_3447 IMG_3450