Someone very dear to me was wondering what is up with us, since there has not been any new posts for some time. I can only tell you we are enjoying every minute of our stay at Tallgläntan no matter what the weather is like.

We have had some really great company visiting us; little Lilly for instance:


We have witnessed a swan-fight up close, but not so personal:


Dear B had our sewing-club Vilande synålen (The Resting Needle) over for the now traditional “Viking Lunch”.

IMG_3023The boys could hardly wait for us to go down to the viking village, but we gals enjoyed ourselves immensely with the best ever male servant aka the master of the house.




After that we have had quite a number of spectacularly beautiful evenings at Tallgläntan; one of which was truly magical:


And there has been a lot of playing in the water, i.e. sea!


And dear doggy enjoyed himself a bit too much with some poop or what not and had to be shampooed and washed properly the other day with M’s shampoo.


We had swimming-school festivities with diplomas and all. The  boys were very happy with their accomplishments and so were we! 🙂

IMG_3162 IMG_3172

More spectacular sunsets – and I just cannot get enough. I wish I could bottle them all and bring them with me back to Brussels. Instead I take a great number of photos to have to look at on a cold and rainy day in the ♥ of Europe.


Late night swimming

IMG_3252 IMG_3266

Tallgläntan from my bro’s place Kläppviken:

IMG_3268 IMG_3272

These are truly the baby-days, so W and I are in baby-heaven. This past weekend we have got to meet sweet baby Julian with family here at Tallgläntan and yesterday we had the great pleasure of meeting my god-daughter’s baby Tuva – here with her grandma (my cousin) Anki – as well as her parents and grandpa :


But before too long we hope to get to know baby Ingrid and baby Sylvester with “big” toddler sister Lucca. W can hardly wait and keeps asking me all the time: When will we meet baby I and baby S, and when do we get to see baby J and baby T again. 😉

An after gourmet-dinner walk in Mariehamn:



Socializing at my bro’s on the other side of the bay

IMG_3242 IMG_3245


And then I wish I could leave somebody else with the dishes here at Tallgläntan, one of few draw-backs of living without running water. No showers and having to plan and prepare doing the dishes in advance, not on a whim!




and after 🙂  :

IMG_3328 IMG_3329

Sorry for leaving you with the dishes! 😉