… in only 7 days I will be packing both for our 8-yr-old and myself.

Our youngest will go with his class for a four-day excursion to the Belgian coast – a compulsory school-trip!

I will be leaving for 3 weeks and 4 days to magical Iceland.

We will leave on the same day, but I will luckily leave a little later than dearest D, so I can bring him to school myself…

Dearest W is quite worried how things will go foodwise with dad who is not exactly famous for his great cooking skills.  Thus I have kept busy filling the freezer up with familiar meals, since especially W does not appreciate surprises in the food department! 😉

I am very glad for all available e-options nowadays, I will be able to keep in touch with my guys on a daily basis without any problems. Not at all like 1982-83 when I spent a great year in the US but had to rely on letters to keep in touch with family and friends back home. Now we will have phone calls, skype, Facebook, e-mail and chats – and our guys are quite literate at most of them…

But first a full working-week at the office remains – and a busy such as well. Thus I have kept very busy at home this weekend in order to get organized in view of my departure a week from tomorrow. It is not only physical stuff that needs getting done, I also try to organize their daily schedules for June, so that no appointments get missed and that the boys are picked up by somebody else at the bus-stop the days good ol’ dad won’t make it…

Both the boys and I have been to the hair-dresser’s. The boys are super-cute in their summer-dos, would you not agree?

Wills 24maj13

Trying and succeeding to look serious.

David 24maj13

Mommie’s Little Clown

Our spring-weather has been anything but springlike. No –  instead we have had more like late fall-weather. Gosh, we even got hail the other day – and the temperatures have dropped so low we need heating in the house again and even consider lighting a fire… But the upside is that everything is very green and lush.

The boys have been on spring-break all week, but I only took one day off from work since the workload is very heavy right now, and I will soon take off for a full month anyways. Thus the boys were very good with filling their days on their own. We kept to the electronics contract, so they were not allowed to be on the electronics all day long. Thus they have been out biking around the block on their own and they have been playing a lot with their legos. One day they spent with our dear cleaning-lady, who is just a doll with our boys!

Wednesday was the day I took off from work and that is when we actually got out of the house and did something special. Our 8-yr-old still had one of his two gifts for his Communion to redeem and so he did. He wanted us to go to Aqualibi – a fun-filled water-park. We met up with the dearest of friends, so I got to help out with the sweetest toddler and her one year older big bro while the three older boys were having a ball in the different pools and on the water-slides. I think we spent a good 2½ h in the water – and everybody agreed: it is well worth going back to! 🙂 Although I thought the air temperature was a bit too low, since I did get goose-bumps and longed for the wonderful Icelandic hot-pots! To finish off a great day I took the boys to the toy-store on our way home – as promised – since they had some particular legos they wanted to buy for part of their birthday-money that arrived in the mail from both the North and the South! 🙂

Dear Hubby was great about studying for the Swedish exam he had yesterday. All week he studied all evenings, so I hope he did well. I admire his tenacity! He felt good afterwards so we celebrated early with a great dinner at home.

Last but not least I worry very much about a loved one who is not feeling well at all and this is the time when I regret living so far away. We have talked and I have been in touch with other close family-members, but it still is not the same as being there. If you read this dear D, please know that you are constantly in my thoughts and I hope that you will feel better soon. I love you.